How to Find the Best Warehouse Solutions

How to Find the Best Warehouse Solutions

Improve warehouse productivity with G&W and Jungheinrich. With the right products, you can take your business from ordinary to extraordinary.

The team at G&W has the industry and product knowledge to help you find equipment for your warehouse. We also have the available inventory, including new forklifts, used forklifts and short-term and long-term forklift rentals.

Work Smart and Work Safe

We carry a full line of Jungheinrich lift truck products, designed to tackle warehouse issues such as narrow aisles and tight spaces, while increasing efficiency and safety.

Jungheinrich is a leader in electric-powered warehouse equipment.

Looking to increase warehouse efficiency? Jungheinrich semi-automated picking solutions, paired with our Warehouse Navigation System, can increase picks per hour by 25 percent.

Safety issues are just as important as efficiency. Jungheinrich lift trucks automatically reduce speed as you head into a curve. This curve control feature helps reduce collisions and other accidents.

And, with Jungheinrich, you can reach and lift higher with smaller equipment, saving valuable warehouse space.

Innovative Warehouse Equipment

Some of the Jungheinrich warehouse solutions we offer include:

Order Pickers: Piece pick in aisles as small as 4’.

Stand-Up Counterbalance: Easily go from dock to rack with this proven warehouse workhorse.

Walkie Rider Jack: Single, double and triple pallet capabilities for transporting across the warehouse and at the dock.

Tugger: Move, deploy and transfer materials and pull up to 10 carts.

Sit-Down Counterbalance: Ideal for general material handling; works on docks and rack aisles greater than 12’.

Reach Trucks: Operate in aisles as small as 8.5’; lift to heights of 450”. Single or double deep racking systems.

Turret Trucks: Very narrow aisle solution for full pallet or piece pick. A maximum storage option.

Get 2 Shifts on 1 Charge, Guaranteed.

Think you have to sacrifice power to reduce emissions? Think again!

The Jungheinrich 2 Shifts, 1 Charge Guarantee means you’ll work smarter and increase your productivity. The lithium battery power of these electric forklifts gives you unmatched performance and energy efficiency. You’ll have less downtime with faster charging and longer equipment life expectancy.

Even with full-load operation, the battery’s full energy is available. The Jungheinrich electric lift truck options, when compared to lead-acid battery powered forklifts, offer:

  • Three times longer service life
  • Up to 20 percent lower energy consumption

Other benefits include:

  • 50 percent battery charge in just 30 minutes; fully charged battery in just 80 minutes
  • Significantly higher stamina in multi-shift operations

Talk to G&W About Your Warehouse Needs

Our local representatives will assess your specific needs and match them precisely with reliable, durable equipment. Contact us today.


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