G&W Partners with Triathlon® Battery

G&W is proud to announce we offer Triathlon® Intelligent Batteries as part of our forklift battery product lineup. G&W now carries the full Triathlon product line of tubular flex lead acid batteries and lithium-ion battery systems, as well as lead acid battery chargers and other accessories.  

Powerful Products from a Proven Leader 

Triathlon powers innovative energy solutions for the toughest operating conditions. When you need to choose the right option for your battery-powered forklift, G&W can help. We carry the best battery options for your forklift, including the Triathlon line of products. 

Triathlon lead-acid batteries using European tubular technology offer a strong, reliable, and maintenance-free to low-maintenance option that can power heavy-duty and multi-shift operations.  

Triathlon lithium-ion batteries for forklifts give you a safe and reliable power option. Triathlon has been at the forefront of lithium-ion battery development, and their products are built on years of research.

Why Use Tubular Flex Lead Acid Batteries? 

Using European tubular design, these durable and flexible Triathlon forklift batteries have flexible, bolt-on inter-cell connectors. Some of the benefits of tubular flex lead acid batteries for forklifts are: 

  • Easy terminal cable and cell replacement using a torque wrench – no flame required 
  • Greater durability and flexibility on uneven flooring 
  • Improved safety via “built-in” shrouds 
  • Quicker battery identification with QR code data card attached to every battery 
  • Spiral-bound cable protectors reduce possibility of cuts and damage 
  • Color-coded positive and negative terminations for easily recognizable polarity 
  • Ability to take individual cell voltages without removal of any shrouds or exposure to lead

What Are the Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries?  

Lithium-ion batteries for forklifts from Triathlon recharge in one to two hours. They offer excellent performance including 24/7 operations including in cold storage applications. Additional benefits of lithium-ion forklift batteries from Triathlon include: 

  • No gassing, so no explosion hazard 
  • No exposure to acid 
  • Higher productivity due to fast and opportunity charging 
  • No maintenance; no need to top off with water 
  • No need for centralized battery rooms with expensive ventilation systems 
  • Detailed operational reporting 
  • No battery charge outs, so no special battery handling equipment needed

With lithium-ion batteries, you can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.  

What Forklift Battery Accessories Does Triathlon Offer? 

Triathlon offers Tricom® chargers for lead acid batteries, watering systems, battery guards, special connectors, lifting beams and much more. When you need products to support an electric forklift battery or pallet truck battery, G&W has a full line available.  

Battery-Powered Forklifts from G&W 

G&W wants to help you keep your productivity high and downtime low. We sell new electric forklifts that help move your business forward. Find electric forklifts from brands you trust, such as Jungheinrich, CAT, Mitsubishi, Big Joe and more.  

Find the Right Forklift Batteries for Your Fleet 

You can check out the entire Triathlon portfolio, and contact our team to discuss which Triathlon products best fit your needs. We offer both sales and service of Li-ion batteries and tubular lead batteries.  

We have a wide range of forklift batteries for sale. Trust the experts at G&W to help you select products that will improve efficiency and productivity.  

We’re dedicated to providing the right combination of advice, products and service, and that now includes the Triathlon brand of forklift batteries and forklift battery accessories.