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Battery Power Offers Maximum Performance and Productivity

Jungheinrich forklifts provide customized solutions for a wide variety of product applications, from order picking to stacking to warehousing. If you’re looking for superior material handling with more uptime, it’s time to look at electric power forklifts.


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Electric Forklift Power

Jungheinrich is a leader in electric forklifts. They were the first to provide AC technologies, reducing maintenance and increasing runtime. With the introduction of their lithium-ion battery powered forklifts, Jungheinrich offered a long-lasting alternative to conventional lead batteries. If you’re looking for electric forklifts for sale near me, G&W offers a wide range of Jungheinrich lift trucks.

Li-Ion Technology and Lead-Acid Battery Options

With Jungheinrich lithium-ion batteries, you can run up to three times longer than conventional batteries. You get more power with 20 percent less energy consumption than lead-acid batteries.

The new EFG B Series with lithium-ion battery power charges extremely fast, and with zero maintenance, you’ll reach new levels of service life and uptime.

With Jungheinrich, you also have the option to choose lead-acid battery powered forklifts. With these you can operate up to and beyond 16 hours on a single charge battery. Guaranteed!

Electric Forklift Productivity

Jungheinrich electric forklifts offer the power you need to stay productive. These forklift masts range from 180” to over 500”, with a lift capacity of up to 11,000 lbs.

Agile electric forklifts offer a small turning radius, allowing you to work efficiently in narrow aisles. While perfect for indoor applications, Jungheinrich forklifts also can be adapted to handle outdoor applications.

Jungheinrich Ergonomics

Jungheinrich has prioritized forklift driver comfort. They offer ergonomic designs that not only provide comfortable seating, but better visibility and intuitive adjustment and operating options.

Jungheinrich Forklift Safety

With the safety assist systems on Jungheinrich electric forklifts, you can protect your drivers, other employees, warehouse and products.

Jungheinrich Forklift Attachments 

G&W also has forklift attachments for sale. Forklift attachments can help you customize your Jungheinrich forklift to meet your exact needs. Forklift attachments add functionality that allows you to work more efficiently and can even enhance safety.

Authorized Forklift Dealer

As an authorized Jungheinrich dealer, G&W has a wide variety of Jungheinrich forklift models. Our team can help you find the right forklift for your business. Whether you’re looking for lower energy consumption, high performance or incredible handling, you’ll find it all in electric powered forklifts for sale from Jungheinrich.

For more information on Jungheinrich electric forklifts, including maintenance and life expectancy, see our FAQs below.

Jungheinrich Electric Forklifts for Sale

View new Jungheinrich forklifts and lift trucks for sale and request a quote or contact a sales rep.

EFG 110k

The EFG 110k-115 series provides excellent performance, high efficiency and incredible maneuverability — all in one package.

  • 1,920 to 3,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EFG 213

    The EFG 213-220 series of electric counterbalance trucks delivers longer run times - two shifts on one battery charge - for top productivity.

  • 2,510 to 3,880 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EFG 425k

    The EFG 425k-S30 series provides industry-leading drive and lift performance levels and a guarantee to run two shifts on a single battery charge in most applications.

  • Pneumatic Tire
  • 4,928 to 6,600 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EFG 535k

    The EFG 535k-S50 series provides a broad capacity range for enhanced flexibility.

  • Pneumatic Tire
  • 7,000 to 11,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • ETG 214

    The ETG 214-318 series is designed to maximize performance and operator comfort when you need to load and unload trailers, shuttle goods or move loads in a confined space.

  • 3,000 to 4,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • ETR 230

    The ETR pantograph reach truck forklift series runs two shifts on one battery charge, guaranteed, allowing your operators to maximize their workday.

  • 3,000 to 4,500 lbs.
  • Electric
  • ETM 214

    The ETV/ETM 214/216 reach trucks offer powerful and efficient 3-phase AC drive, lift and steer control.

  • 3,000 to 3,500 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EKS 110 (110E)

    The EKS 110 order picker utilizes 24-volt 3-phase AC technology for greater torque and responsiveness.

  • 2,205 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EKS 314

    The EKS 314 high-level order picker sets new standards in ergonomic design, efficiency and performance - and it's guaranteed to run 16 hours on one battery charge in most applications.

  • 3,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EFX 410

    The EFX 410–413 turret trucks are designed to provide maximum versatility in very narrow aisle (VNA) warehouses.

  • 2,200 to 2,750 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EKX 514

    The EKX 514/516k/516 high-rack man-up turret trucks set new standards for flexibility, low cost of operation and ergonomics. They also run two full shifts on one battery charge - guaranteed.

  • 3,000 to 3,500 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EJE 120 (Short Compartment)

    The EJE 120/225 electric walkie pallet trucks are specifically suited for loading and unloading trailers as well as transporting loads over short and medium distances. For a limited time, purchase a new EJE120 and receive a 3-year extended battery warranty.

  • 4,500 to 6,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • ECR 327

    The ECR 327/336 electric walkie end rider pallet jack was designed for productivity – giving you the advantage to get more done in less time.

  • 6,000 to 8,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EMC B10

    The EMC B10 straddle stacker is well-suited for use in a wide variety of short lift height applications, including stacking palletized loads onto first-level racking.

  • 2,200 to 3,500 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EJC 212b

    The efficient and versatile EJC and EJC b electric pedestrian stackers offer a high level of efficiency provided by excellent energy management.

  • 2,600 to 4,400 lbs.
  • EZS 350a NA

    The EZS 350a NA is an Automated Guided Vehicle based on our standard series truck and combines proven mechanical engineering with precision navigation technology.

  • 11,000 lbs.
  • Electric
  • EZS 570NA

    The EZS 570NA/580NA/590NA electric tow tractors have fully suspended front and rear axles for maximum ride comfort.

  • 15,400 lbs.
  • Electric
  • Jungheinrich Forklifts and Lift Trucks FAQs


    Where are Jungheinrich forklifts made?

    Jungheinrich products are manufactured both overseas and domestically, often in partnership with Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America (MCFA). They operate production plants in China, Germany, and Houston, Texas.


    What does Jungheinrich mean?

    “Jungheinrich” comes from the company’s founder, Hermann Jungheinrich, who began the company in 1908 as H. Jungheinrich & Co., an importer-exporter.

    Jungheinrich’s eldest son, Friedrich, established H. Jungheinrich and Co. Maschinenfabrik in 1953, a company rooted in customer service and technical expertise. Now a global intralogistics leader, Jungheinrich maintains their family history in their name and dedication to service. They took a small family company from 10 employees to a worldwide brand with 14,000 employees, standing proud behind the Jungheinrich name.


    What is the life expectancy?

    Jungheinrich electric forklifts enjoy a long life thanks to their lithium ion batteries, which have a life expectancy of up to 3,000 discharge cycles. Compared to conventional lead acid batteries of other forklifts, Jungheinrich forklifts and their lithium batteries see less downtime and better productivity.


    How often does my forklift need maintenance?

    Well-maintained forklifts last longer. That’s why we recommend regular, routine service for all of your Jungheinrich forklift models. We offer a range of planned maintenance agreements so you can keep your forklift fleet running in prime condition and we can help you determine the right schedule for your lift trucks.


    What attachments can I add to my forklift?

    You can customize the operation of your forklifts with forklift attachments and add-ons. At G&W, we provide a variety of forklift attachments, such as clamps, positioners, drum equipment, hoppers and hopper lids, and more. You can accessorize your forklift for safety with warning beacons, safety spotlights, hooks and hook plates, and alarms, too.


    Where is the operating manual for Jungheinrich forklift models?

    The operating manual can be found at this link: Jungheinrich Operating Manuals.