CAT Forklifts

Move it with a CAT

CAT Lift Trucks are rugged, built to last and designed to move all kinds of loads. That’s why G&W is honored to be an authorized CAT dealer. We sell and service CAT forklifts that can handle loads ranging from 3,000 pounds all the way up to 36,000 pounds. Choose from a range of power sources – gasoline, diesel, LP or electric.

CAT Forklift

The Caterpillar Difference

All CAT Lift Trucks are made by Caterpillar, an American company and a world leader in equipment manufacturing. With over a century of experience, Caterpillar has a reputation for innovation, value and exceptional customer service, including an extensive dealer network that makes it easy for customers to find parts and support.

As an authorized CAT dealer, G&W Equipment will support your CAT forklift throughout its lifecycle with routine maintenance and genuine parts.

For more information on CAT Lift Trucks, including maintenance and attachment information, see our FAQs below.

CAT Forklifts for Sale

G&W Equipment carries three types of CAT forklifts: Internal combustion with cushion tires, internal combustion with pneumatic tires and electric counterbalanced. Find the combination of power and traction best for you.

View new CAT Lift Trucks for sale, and request a quote or contact a sales rep.

CAT Forklifts FAQs


Who makes CAT forklifts?

CAT forklifts are made by Caterpillar, a company with a global reputation for innovation and exceptional customer service. Caterpillar is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, and has been making rugged and dependable equipment for more than 100 years.

CAT Lift Trucks have an extensive dealer network thanks to their high performance and reliability. At G&W, we will support your CAT forklift throughout its lifecycle, so you can stay on the job, no matter what.


How can I tell what year my CAT Lift Truck is?

Sometimes you’ll need to know the year and model number of your CAT Lift Truck, such as for service and support. To identify your CAT forklift’s year and model, look for the serial number. You may find it on the vehicle’s nameplate or data tag, along with key information such as the model number and tire size. It may also display tire pressure recommendations, tilt, and other information. You may find the data tag near the front of the forklift, on the dashboard.

You can use the model number and serial number to determine the year the forklift was manufactured. If the nameplate is missing, you may be able to find the serial number stamped on the frame of the forklift. Look on the chassis frame above the wheel, on the right side of the forklift.


What is the life expectancy?

With proper maintenance and employee training, CAT Lift Trucks can last a very long time. But to get thousands of workhours from your forklift, you’ll need to change the oil regularly, charge the battery and inspect fluid levels and lubrication. To help you keep up with routine maintenance and repairs, G&W offers a planned maintenance program.

You’ll also need to train drivers to use the forklift. Be sure that they are operating the forklift within the standards in the user manual and properly storing and caring for the forklift.


How often does my forklift need maintenance?

Like any vehicle, CAT forklifts need maintenance to stay in top condition. We recommend owners follow a maintenance schedule to prevent damage and keep their forklift reliable. The best schedule will depend on the forklift’s make and model, any attachments and the use and capacity of the vehicle. G&W can help you pick the right maintenance plan to keep your forklift and other equipment on the move.


What attachments can I add to my forklift?

Shop the G&W online catalog for a wide range of forklift attachments and accessories. From palette containers and tubs to drums and hoppers, not to mention fork magnets, rug rams, extensions, back rests and fork covers – G&W has them all.