Find the Right Counterbalanced or Narrow Aisle Forklift for Your Jobsite

Forklifts can have a major impact on the productivity of your jobsite, so choosing the right forklift for the job is important. There are many types of forklifts on the market.

At G&W, our team wants to help by offering advice for choosing forklifts for your worksite. We have extensive knowledge and a wide product range, so we excel at helping you pick the perfect forklift.

How do you find the right forklift for your jobsite?

When purchasing a forklift, it’s important to consider what works best in your warehouse space. The size of your warehouse aisles can be a major deciding factor when determining what type of forklift to purchase, in addition to forklift load capacity and forklift lift height.

What is the size of your warehouse aisle?

Warehouse aisles are typically classified as standard, narrow or very narrow. There are different sizes of forklifts that work exceptionally well for each of these sizes.

The G&W team can help you select the best forklift for your particular warehouse.

What is a standard aisle width in a warehouse?

A standard warehouse aisle is typically about 12 feet wide.

When is a warehouse aisle considered narrow?

A warehouse aisle between 9 – 10.5 feet is considered to be a narrow aisle. A warehouse aisle that is between 5 and 7 feet is considered a very narrow aisle.

What are some types of forklifts to consider?

Forklifts can be classified in a variety of categories, each with their own benefits. Which category of forklift to choose depends on your specific warehouse needs.

Here we offer a brief description of three different forklift types that you can choose if you need narrow aisle options – even for carrying heavy loads. There are many more options for new forklifts.

Counterbalanced Forklifts

What is a counterbalanced forklift? A counterbalanced forklift has a counterweight in the rear to balance the forks in the front. A counterbalanced forklift can lift heavier loads without tipping.

Counterbalanced forklifts can be used indoors and outdoors. On average, counterweight forklifts can carry larger loads, so they are a good option if you need to transport heavy loads.

The right counterbalanced forklift can work in narrow aisles. The Jungheinrich’s EFG220 and ETG214 forklifts are good, counterbalanced forklift options for narrow aisles. These standup counterbalanced forklifts are designed to fit in both standard and narrow aisle warehouses. They feature a more compact design, but still give you that hefty lifting power you need from a counterbalanced forklift.

The EFG220 has the ability to lift 4,000 lbs. It also runs two shifts on one charge, has unmatched curve control and is an industry leader in productivity.

The ETG214 is designed to maximize both performance and operator comfort. It handles shuttling goods, loading and unloading trailers, or moving larger loads in tight spaces with ease.

Talk to the team at G&W if you are looking for a quality counterbalanced forklift from a brand you trust or if you specifically need a counterbalanced forklift that works for narrow aisles. Either way, our knowledgeable sales team can assist you.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow aisle forklifts are exactly what they sound like – forklifts designed for narrow aisles. They feature a tighter turning radius and can work in aisles that are only 8 feet wide. When you use narrow aisle forklifts in your warehouse, you can stack products closer together and make better use of smaller spaces.

G&W offers a range of narrow aisle forklifts. Talk to our salespeople about your aisle width, and we can help you find the right forklift to suit your needs.

Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts

If you are dealing with very narrow aisles in your warehouse, there are lift trucks to fit those specifications. At G&W, we offer Jungheinrich’s ETR230 and EKX516, both of which can handle a very narrow aisle width requirement.

The ETR230 was designed to maneuver very narrow aisles. It offers rapid acceleration, precise speed control, smooth directional changes and energy reclamation during braking. The ETR230 forklift is one of the most productive forklifts on the market.

The EKX516 is another great option for a narrow aisle forklift. This turret truck leads in its class, by offering two shifts with one charge – guaranteed. This is a high-energy, flexible lift truck that offers the simultaneous lift and lower of the main and auxiliary masts. This allows the forklift to reach the next location faster and helps ensure that it does not sway at higher heights.

How Does G&W Help You Find the Right Forklift?

When you are ready to purchase a new forklift for your warehouse, G&W can help make that choice easier. Our process makes it simple because we prioritize getting to know your specific requirements. We will talk to you about your warehouse, assess the worksite and make suggestions for the best forklift to serve your needs.

All G&W customers are invited to visit one of our onsite locations to see a demo of our forklift options, including the four we listed here today. These in-person demos can help you get a feel for each forklift, how they run, the capabilities of the lift truck and their best uses.

G&W doesn’t just sell you a forklift; we will support you through the lifespan of the lift truck, with service and parts. In addition to narrow aisle, very narrow aisle and counterbalanced forklifts, we have a full range of options including electric and gas-powered forklifts, construction site forklifts and forklifts from all the brands you trust such as Jungheinrich, CAT, Mitsubishi, Piggy-Back, Landoll, Kalmar and Big Joe. We even offer dependable used lift trucks.

Talk to G&W today and let us help you choose the right forklift for your jobsite.