Automated forklifts use advanced computer technology and AI to perform tasks efficiently, often helping boost productivity and reallocate labor. By directing employee skills to the most advantageous tasks, you can streamline your processes. Are you ready to be part of the rapidly increasing number of worksites that use automated forklifts?  

What is an AGV? 

Automated forklifts are often referred to as automated guided vehicles or AGVs. These “driverless” forklifts use advanced technology for repeatable or predictable tasks.  

The computer technology and AI help the AGVs self-drive and lift and even sense human activity around them and move accordingly. Within a warehouse, they can safely perform tasks alongside human workers, navigating warehouse aisles and lifting and stacking products. For these reasons, businesses are adding automated forklifts to their fleet, becoming a part of the movement toward technologically advanced operations.  

What can automated guided vehicles do? 

These vehicles can handle many jobs within a warehouse. They are driverless, but they do need human input to program their management system for required tasks, such as: 

  • Driving 
  • Lifting  
  • Stacking 

What are the advantages of automated guided vehicles? 

There are many advantages to AGVs, which is why they are in demand.  

  • Adaptable 

Automated forklifts can adapt to changes in your worksite, simply by reprogramming. Whatever your current production environment, they can integrate seamlessly and then readjust as needed with new programming. This means automated forklifts can be a valuable tool as your business needs grow and change over time.  

  • Meet Labor Demands 

With automated forklifts, you can save on labor or reallocate that labor to your best advantage. With the current labor shortages, AGVs can offer a reliable, cost-effective, efficient solution.  

  •  Consistent, Repetitive Processes 

Automated guided vehicles are very effective at repeated processes for both large or small tasks. This means more consistent throughput and can result in better quality.  

  • Safety 

There are risks with repetitive tasks. Humans get tired, make mistakes and hurt themselves as a result. Automated forklifts handle the same tasks without risk of injury. They can lift heavy materials and make repetitive motions.  

  • Lights Out Operations 

Extended production is another benefit of automated forklifts. An AGV forklift can be programmed to continue working long after the warehouse has closed for the day, allowing production to flow quickly and seamlessly. 

Automated Forklift Options 

With many automated forklift options on the market, how do you find the right one for your worksite?  

The experts at G&W can help. We work with you to find the right automated forklift for your needs. We sell the best brands like Jungheinrich and Rocla and even provide the option for modular AGV design.  

  • Jungheinrich  

The Jungheinrich AGV is a great option for multi-shift operations and repetitive material handling processes and movement of standardized loads, such as industrial pallets.  

  • Rocla 

Rocla offers custom equipment designed for high-lifting reach truck applications. These automated forklifts are the perfect fit for distribution centers, warehouses and replenishment of active picking locations. G&W offers a full product lineup of modular Rocla AGVs, allowing us to develop pesonalized solutions for customers.  

  • Modular AGV Design

We can build Rocla AGVs from the ground up, fitting whatever specifications are necessary, from small workspaces to heavy loads to high locations. Our sales representatives are experienced in building AGVs and offer reliable support, one of the most comprehensive service networks in the industry and rapid spare parts supply.  

Find the Right AGV Solution for You 

We’re your forklift experts. AT G&W, we have the forklifts you need, including new, used, rental and automated guided vehicles. Our sales representatives have the knowledge base to discuss your specific needs. We’ll help you find the right solution, and if that solution is an automated forklift, we have the brands you trust.  

Contact G&W to find out if AGVs can help you meet your production needs.