Frequently Asked Forklift & Material Handling Questions

Generally speaking and depending on the size of your load, a 12′ aisle will accommodate a 5,000lb capacity lift truck.

Dock boards are made of both aluminum and steel and are capable of handling forklifts. They will have steel curbs and sometimes fork pockets or loops to move them. Dock plates are typically smaller and meant for hand truck and pallet jack use. Both are used for loading and unloading trucks.

Yes, with Promatch, our parts supplier, we have parts for all makes and models of forklifts.

Depending on the model and capacity, forklifts vary greatly in price. Please contact us for pricing on specific equipment.

Yes. OHSA mandates that all people operating forklifts or lift trucks receive certified operator safety training. The certification is good for 3 years. Depending on what type of equipment you have will determine the type of training.

G&W has a corporate trainer on site. We can train and certify your operators or we can train someone on your staff to be a trainer.

How often you service your lift truck depends on how old it is, how often you use it and what the manufacturer suggests. It is safe to say you should have your trucks serviced somewhere between 30-90 days. Having a planned maintenance schedule or agreement ensures your forklift will be maintained at the correct times.

Our factory trained service technicians are knowledgeable and will communicate with you on status of your lift as well as a proper interval for planned service.

The LED Pedestrian Spotlights provide a visual warning for people in your warehouse or facility in the vicinity of mobile equipment. The light is attached to your forklift and projects a blue beam onto the ground either in front or to the rear of the vehicle.

This light is especially useful around racking or other blind spots you might have. It is resistant to impact and vibration damage and provides additional safety. G&W keeps these spotlights in stock. Give us a call today.

General rule of thumb, when required repairs on an annual basis exceed the value of the truck, you should consider replacement instead of repair. For example; You have a 15 year old forklift, and its wholesale value is $4,000. If annual repairs to keep this truck are going to exceed $4,000 you should consider replacing instead of repairing. Fleet Track, G&W’s web based fleet management system can assist you in making these financial decisions. You can review past service history instantly to make the best financial decision for your fleet. Our service and sales professionals can help you gather all the information needed to make the right decision for your business.

Rental is an excellent option for short term and seasonal needs. If you are going to need a lift for 1 day to 1 week a couple of times a year, rental is definitely the most cost effective solution. If you are going to need a truck for 6 months or more out of the year, a low lease payment tends to be the best return on investment. Seasonal needs for 2 to 4 months generally are great rental options. G&W’s material handling professionals can assist with calculating the lowest cost of ownership for your application to aid in a rental vs. lease comparison.

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