Tips to Maximize Warehouse Space Efficiency

Maximizing your warehouse efficiency can boost your production. With warehouse space optimization, you can increase both product storage and how efficiently you move those products.  

G&W Equipment has everything you need to improve efficiency and space in your worksite. From material storage solutions to a full-scale plan for redesigning your warehouse, we can help. Our sales reps are highly trained in warehouse storage options and will work with you, your unique space and your budget.  

If you’re ready to talk about warehouse space optimization, G&W has a variety of warehouse solutions. Here are some of our best tips to maximize warehouse efficiency.  

Choose the Right Warehouse Racking System 

The right racking system makes a huge difference in maximizing warehouse space. There are many benefits to having a warehouse racking system. Racking systems can: 

  • Optimize your warehouse 
  • Maximize storage in smaller warehouse spaces 
  • Accommodate either a Drive-In or Drive-Through system (whatever works best for your warehouse) 
  • Allow you to do more with less labor through automation

G&W will help you select the right racking system for warehouses and worksites from our range of options. Some of the most widely known racking system options include: 

  • Selective pallet racking: versatile, flexible, adjustable 
  • High-density storage solutions: Drive-Through systems that support First In, First Out (FIFO) or Drive-In systems that support Last In, First Out (LIFO) 
  • Pallet shuttle systems: an automated, compact system 
  • Push back systems or pallet flow systems

Make sure products are easily accessible and stored in a way that makes the most of your space. Unsure of which racking system would be best for your warehouse? Talk to the team at G&W. Our team is experienced in helping clients select a racking system that works best for their needs. We can also help you find the right forklifts to operate within your warehouse space. 

Consider Conveyor Handling 

Conveyor systems for warehouses make transporting and delivering goods more efficient. A conveyor belt system in a warehouse will help you optimize productivity, reduce downtime, move materials faster and maintain a consistent flow of products.  

A conveyor system can: 

  • Redirect manual labor to more important work or reduce labor 
  • Increase your warehouse productivity
  • Reduce workplace injuries from repetitive tasks or manually moving heavy boxes

Conveyor belt systems can handle truck loading and unloading, finish the boxing of products (such as taping and labeling), assist with retail operations by moving cartons from a truck to storage area and handle sorting operations (including flowing mixed packages straight to the sorting crew).  

If you want to explore the option of adding a conveyor system to your warehouse, G&W can help.  

Add Automation with AS/RS VLM/VLS Systems 

These systems combine technology with warehouse space solutions. Automated storage (AS) and retrieval systems (RS) optimize your space and efficiently store and dispatch your products. VLM (vertical lift module) and VLS (vertical lift systems) are other, space-maximizing options for warehouse organization. All of these warehouse storage solutions are controlled via software.

The Benefits of AS/RS are: 

1. Improved floor space utilization 

2. Reduced labor requirements and costs   

3. Increased picking accuracy (reduced picking errors) 

4. Improved picking throughput (speed) 

5. Tighter inventory control  

6. Improved ergonomics

Make the Most of Your Space with Modular Construction  

If your business has been growing or you need to add office space, consider modular construction. Modular construction maximizes your warehouse workspace by giving you a climate-controlled place for employees to complete their daily tasks – right on the warehouse floor.  

Modular construction can allow you to offer better working conditions (outside of the warehouse itself, which is often not temperature controlled). It can be adaptable, allowing you to reuse and redesign if future needs require it.  

Get Ready for Optimal Warehouse Space Utilization 

Changing how you move and store products in your warehouse can be a game-changer.  

Whatever your warehouse needs, the highly trained reps at G&W are ready to work with you to maximize worksite efficiency. We offer product evaluation, CAD drawings, budget development and project management. 

G&W also offers everything you need to move or store products in your plant or warehouse, such as dock equipment, vinyl speed doors, warehouse safety equipment, mezzanines, guard rails, small parts storage, self-dumping hoppers, wrap machines and more.  

Organize and optimize your warehouse space with expert help from G&W. Contact us today.