The Impact of Employee Training on Workplace Safety & Profitability

Most companies understand the necessity of OSHA compliance regulations for forklift operator training and aerial lift operator training. But did you know that the right training can affect your profitability? There are multiple ways professional forklift operator and aerial lift operator training can make a difference, and workplace safety is always the most important. But employee training also can make you more productive and save you money.  

Here are four ways forklift and aerial lift operator training can impact your bottom line.  

1. Forklift training reduces workplace accidents.  

Ok, this one is obvious, right? The better trained forklift and aerial lift operators are, the less workplace accidents you’ll have. Sometimes those who work in a warehouse get too comfortable around this equipment. It’s easy to forget how quickly accidents can occur when you get even a little lax. 

Training keeps the rules of safety top-of-mind. OSHA studies prove that many forklift accidents are totally avoidable with employee training. When a workplace accident occurs, the first concern is human life, of course. But accidents also stop production, cost money in relation to worker’s compensation and can result in lawsuits. Don’t underestimate how operator training helps keep your workplace safe and profitable.   

2. Trained forklift and aerial lift operators are more productive.  

In addition to less workplace accidents and downtime, better employee training leads to less product damage. Your worksite depends on the proper transportation of product. An accident using your equipment can result in major materials and profit loss. Properly trained operators know about lift loads and how to avoid tip-overs. (Forklift tip-overs cause the most fatalities of any forklift-related accident.) 

Aerial lift operator training is equally important, since this type of machinery is crucial for many businesses. It’s important that operators can inspect the equipment, operate it properly and avoid accidents.  

3. Training helps save your equipment. 

Getting the most out of your equipment is always a goal. Every business wants to protect the capital investment they have made in their machinery. Forklift and aerial lift operator training is one way to make that happen. When used correctly, forklift equipment will last longer. The most efficient operation of forklifts will reduce wear and tear, which means less costly repairs and replacement.   

4. OSHA fines are expensive! 

OHSA compliance requires training for forklift operators and aerial lift operators every three years. If you are not in compliance with OSHA, you will be fined, and those fines are expensive. There are huge fines for uncertified operators. So, if all of the other important reasons to ensure your operators are up to date with training are not enough, avoiding OSHA fines should make you take notice. Even if your certification has not expired, a refresher course is a good idea. Operators who have recent training are going to have an extra awareness that can make a difference.  

Get forklift and aerial lift operator safety training. 

Keep your forklift operators and aerial lift operators safe and OSHA-compliant with training from G&W. We provide complete operator safety training for all your forklift and aerial lift equipment. Our full-time forklift safety trainer provides customized onsite training on all makes and models of forklifts and aerial lifts. Contact us today to schedule your training.