National Forklift Safety Day Is June 13

G&W Offers Forklift Safety Tips  

June 13, 2023 is Forklift Safety Day, an annual observance that shines a light on a crucial focus for any business or industry that uses forklifts. An initiative of the National Truck Association, Forklift Safety Day is an opportunity for industry experts to share forklift safety tips and best practices.  

How to Improve Forklift Safety 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that more than 70 percent of injuries involving forklifts are preventable. Continually staying focused on improved safety involves several key steps. 

Here are some of the best warehouse safety tips regarding forklifts: 

Make forklift safety a daily focus. It’s easy to get comfortable using forklifts and forget that the operator must be aware and mindful of best practices at all times. Continual awareness is key.  

Maintain a safety culture. One of the best ways to ensure forklift safety is top-of-mind is to maintain a safety culture at your worksite. A safety culture means everyone supports safety training and participates regularly. G&W offers forklift safety training to help you stay current with new technology and keep forklift operators OSHA compliant. 

Ensure OSHA certification for all forklift operators. Not only is gaining a certificate part of OSHA forklift regulations, but it’s been proven that operator performance scores show a huge improvement after training. Training reinforces all the good habits that absolutely must be second nature when operating a forklift. 

Also, the cost of not being certified is steep! OSHA can impose fines for not being certified that start at $14,000. Most importantly, it puts operators and other people in the warehouse at risk.  

Maintain good housekeeping practices. What does good housekeeping mean to a warehouse? It means keeping the aisles clean and clear for the safe operation of forklifts. It also means storing pallets and products properly in racking systems, so forklifts have more room to navigate narrow aisles. G&W can help you find the right racking system for your warehouse, and we have narrow aisle forklifts that navigate tight spaces with ease.  

Clearly identify pedestrian and forklift traffic lanes. Make sure all employees know that when they enter the warehouse, they need to be observant and avoid the path of forklifts.  

Avoid tip-overs. Tip-overs are the number one cause of forklift accidents. They account for 25 percent of all accidents and 40 percent of all forklift fatalities. Ongoing training is the most important step you can take toward preventing tip-overs  

Focus on Forklift Safety Daily 

A dedicated daily focus on training and safety is the best way to avoid accidents. G&W is committed to a yearlong focus on safety. Our full-time forklift safety trainers provide customized forklift training at our facility or yours, which includes: 

  • Speed Control 
  • Curve Control 
  • Seatbelt Interlock 
  • Blue Lights 
  • Red Curtain Lights 
  • Telematics 
  • Proximity Sensors 
  • Truck & Facility Mirrors 
  • Pedestrian Pathways

Forklift Training from G&W 

G&W offers the forklift training you need to keep your operators safe and OSHA-compliant. We offer a complete operator safety training program for all your forklift and aerial lift equipment. We even provide “Train the Trainer” programs for safety managers, so they can learn effective techniques for training lift operators.  

G&W offers training on all brands and makes and models of forklifts and aerial lifts. Our trainers are factory certified from multiple forklift OEMs. We also offer on-site mechanic training.  

Do you need forklift safety training? G&W is here to help. Simply complete our short form and we will get your training scheduled today.