7,000 – 8,000 Lb. Capacity Internal Combustion Cushion-Tire CAT® Lift Trucks

2C7000 – 2C8000 LP cushion-tire model series CAT Lift Trucks from G&W deliver high levels of torque and horsepower, while saving on fuel costs.

Fuel Efficiency

CAT fuel-efficient internal combustion engines provide the power you need, and G&W provides expert advice and service to go with it.

K25 Internal Combustion Engine

This powerful engine provides high levels of horsepower, while maintaining compliance with all CARB and EPA emissions regulations. 

Electronic Fuel Injection System

Consisting of three control modules, constantly communicating with each other through its CAN (Controlled Area Network) system, the combustion process of these CAT forklifts provides high levels of torque at lower RPM levels, saving in fuel consumption. 

Fuel Saver Mode

A standard feature of the CAT Lift Truck, easily activated by a toggle switch on the dashboard, the fuel saver mode reduces fuel costs without sacrificing top travel speeds. 


CAT forklifts are known for reliability, and with G&W service to back you up, you’ll maximize efficiency. 


The on-board display includes standard warnings and icons and provides immediate truck status to help streamline troubleshooting. When you do need service, G&W offers the convenience of factory-trained mobile technicians.

Effective Cooling System

The 10-blade fan, aluminum radiator and bottom bypass air flow design of these CAT forklifts improve air flow. The electronic engine protection and warning system monitor radiator fluid and temperature of transmission oil, helping prolong engine life. 

Parking Brake Transmission Interlock

With the parking brake engaged, the forklift is held in neutral to protect the brakes and transmission, reducing the chance for premature brake wear. 


Easy to maneuver, CAT heavy-duty forklifts help increase productivity, even in compact spaces. 

Compact Chassis

The compact chassis allows the forklift operator to efficiently maneuver in, out and around tight spaces. 

Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering

The steering system enables maneuverability with less effort, helping improve productivity. 

Operator Comfort

Keep your operators comfortable on the job, with CAT forklifts from G&W.

Reduced Vibration

The CAT floating powertrain rests on four rubber cushion dampeners that absorb vibration during operation.

Ergonomic Operator Compartment

The spacious cabin design with three-point access provides comfortable space for a wide range of operator sizes.

Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat

The adjustable seat can be moved forward and backward for different heights, suspension can be adjusted for different weights and lumbar support can be adjusted. These CAT heavy-duty forklifts keep a wide range of operator sizes comfortable throughout the shift.

Forklift Safety & Awareness

Get the awareness features you need, with a new CAT forklift. 

Cushioned Stability Control

The rubber damper mounted between the steer axle and frame can improve increased lateral stability. This enhances operator confidence and overall driving experience, in a maintenance-free system.

Standard Lights Package

With LED standard work lights mounted on the front of the overhead guard, operators have increased visibility to the area in front of the truck and through the mast to the fork tips, enabling them to operate with precision and efficiency.

Functional Steering Column

The steering column combines with an open-concept steering wheel, providing full visibility to the display. The operator can adjust the tilt column and use the memory feature to reposition the column to the prior tilt position. 

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height2 Voltage (or Fuel Type) Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in)1 Gross Weight (lbs)1
LP / Gas
LP / Gas

¹ Where applicable, does not reflect optional mast collapsed height or additional weight. 
² Various lift heights available to match your exact needs. Where applicable, value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast.

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