Where to Start with a New Warehouse Space

If you need to redesign a warehouse or are planning a new warehouse space, you need trusted advice and the right products. At G&W, we’re experts at material handling solutions, and we offer all the warehouse products you need.

Whether your warehousing project is big or small, G&W can help. We can create the perfect warehouse space for you or revamp your current location to suit your updated needs. We handle warehouse space projects from start to finish.

Find warehouse solutions.

What are warehouse solutions? Warehouse storage solutions help you maximize productivity. They help you store and move goods and products easily, so you make the most of your warehouse space.

At G&W, we carry all the products you need to ensure you have the best warehouse space solutions. Whether can you’re looking for warehouse lifts, material storage or a full-scale plan for redesigning your warehouse, talk to the team at G&W.

Modular Construction

G&W has unlimited design options, interchangeable parts and modular building components for your workforce comfort and safety.

Pallet Rack Systems

Find warehouse equipment solutions and help adapt your space for the storage you need.

Conveyor Handling

Transport and deliver goods to specific locations, cutting time and manual labor.

AS/RS (VLM/VLS Systems)

Automated warehouse storage and retrieval systems help you optimize space and efficiently store and dispatch products.

How to design warehouse storage space.

If you need to design warehouse storage space, the G&W team can walk you through the process. We offer the support you need along the way.

Here are steps to take in designing warehouse storage space:

1. Product evaluation: To design efficient warehouse space, you should start with a full product evaluation. G&W offers product evaluations at your location. The product evaluation forms the basis for a design to maximize your space.

2. CAD drawings: We prepare CAD drawings based on the product evaluation, giving you a custom-made floor plan.

3. Budget development: At G&W, we understand the importance of developing and working within a budget.  

4. Project management: We’re there through the project, helping you put all your new systems in place.

Our team will offer efficiency recommendations, all backed by our materials management expertise and research.

Find forklift solutions for warehouses.

You also can maximize your warehouse storage with narrow aisle forklift options form G&W. We carry brands like Jungheinrich, Bendi and Drexel from Landoll Equipment. These forklifts are designed to work in tight spaces.

These forklifts are optimized for Very Narrow Aisles (VNA) and can maneuver into spaces just 4.5 feet wide.

If you are choosing a forklift for a small warehouse space or very narrow aisles in a larger warehouse space, see our line of Landoll equipment.

If you’re redesigning or building new, G&W can help maximize your warehouse efficiency. Contact us for full-scale warehouse design, warehouse upgrades and warehouse materials.