High-Quality Used Forklifts Can Support Your Business

Used forklifts can be the right choice for your business – if they fit your needs and budget. Many people avoid used forklifts due to concerns about their quality. They want to ensure it won’t cost more in the long run with expensive repairs or breakdowns.

But they can be a dependable, cost-effective choice, if you have a dealer you trust. G&W is a new and used forklift dealer. We have a trained sales staff to help you find a dependable lift truck.

Right now, used forklifts are available at G&W with quicker lead times than new. You can typically take delivery in three to four weeks.

Is a used forklift right for my business?

A used forklift may be exactly what your business needs. At G&W, we’re skilled at helping customers find the right forklift for their business, their workload and their budget.

We don’t go into any conversation with a client expecting to sell a particular lift truck. We ask questions to help guide us toward the best option for each individual customer.

What does a used forklift cost?

A used forklift may cost only 65% of the cost of new. With a trusted dealer, you can save money and gain a dependable lift truck.

At G&W, we only sell the brands we know are proven reliable. We sell used lift trucks from CAT, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, Piggyback, Big Joe, Kalmar and Landoll. All our used forklifts are reconditioned and come with a warranty.  

When is a used forklift a good buy?

If your budget is more in line with used rather than new forklifts, you need a dealer who stands by their equipment. At G&W, we certify all our used forklifts, with a process designed to ensure every one will provide reliable performance.

Our certification process includes full service and inspection. We confirm that the safety equipment is operating properly, perform any needed repairs and steam clean the entire lift truck, including the engine or battery compartment.

What types of used forklifts are available?

At G&W, we categorize our used forklifts into three categories:

1. Fully reconditioned forklifts

2. Value reconditioned

3. Rent ready

All come with a warranty and are backed by reliable G&W service.

Do you offer used electric forklifts?

G&W offers used electric forklifts. These forklifts give our customers the benefits of electric lift trucks (less money spent on gas and maintenance as well as more compact footprint), at a reduced cost compared to new. For a used electric forklift with a warranty, talk to G&W.

Where can I buy used forklifts?

If you would like to buy used forklifts, G&W has a variety of brands available. Contact us, and our friendly, knowledgeable sales team will be happy to assist.