The Right Trucks for the Right Crops

Agriculture is one of the biggest sources of livelihood for all of us. Whether you’re on the farm, in the warehouse or at the store, we know that it’s crucial to kick off this season correctly.

Lifting and moving heavy loads before, during and after harvest requires so much more than a simple plan. That’s why G&W will work with you from start to finish to create the most efficient plan for your trucks. This includes everything from choosing the right truck for your needs to making sure you’re servicing and maintaining those trucks as needed.

Our industrial forklifts are designed for the environmental temperament and conditions of the Southeast. With capacities from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds, our trucks can handle your job all the way from field to distribution. Together, we’ll create a plan to ensure your crop produces the healthiest blueberries, the most abundant sweet potatoes and the ripest tobacco.

G&W Offers

  • LP Gas, Electric and Diesel Models
  • Carton and Bale Clamp Attachments
  • Over 1,400 Rental Trucks
  • Over 150 Mobile Techs
  • Ongoing Maintenance Options

It’s our passion to deliver the best products to your farm, so you can produce extraordinary results. Contact your sales rep for more information.