Buying the Right Forklift: 6 Questions to Ask

Buying the Right Forklift: 6 Questions to Ask

When you talk to G&W about buying a forklift, our sales representatives won’t just show you a lineup of equipment. And we won’t start by telling you everything we know about new forklifts. We begin by asking you questions.

Your business and production needs are unique. With the breadth of equipment available today – gas or electric forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts, optional attachments and more – determining current and future demands for your equipment is crucial.

As a trusted forklift dealer, the G&W team can help guide you to the right forklift for your business, so you can maximize uptime and work efficiently. We ask the right questions, and then use that information to locate the best choice for your application.

If you’re ready to buy a forklift, why not find a local, expert forklift dealer to help you choose?

Here are six questions G&W will ask to help you find the right lift truck.


1. What are your current operations and plans for growth or expansion?

Before making the investment to buy a forklift, you need to consider not only your current needs, but also those of the near future. Take an assessment. Do you have plans for growth or expansion? Will this include a change of work environment or additional work environments (indoor, outdoor, rough terrain, etc.)?

What kind of space do you have currently or will you have with any growth plans? Will it be imperative that you can maneuver through tight spaces or narrow aisles?

When making the investment in a forklift, it’s critical to prepare for the long-term, mapping out any future plans, so you can ensure you’ll be prepared.

2. Would you benefit most from a new, used or rental forklift?

Sometimes buying a new forklift allows you to work most efficiently and cost-effectively. Other times, a used forklift or rental forklift is the answer. At G&W, our team considers your total cost of ownership when making recommendations from our fleet of equipment.

For instance, if you have high-capacity production, such as multiple shifts running every day, a new forklift is a great choice. It will come with updated features and options for specific-use attachments.

If you have less extensive use or a smaller budget, G&W offers dependable used forklifts. And for short-term or seasonal needs, you might be best served by renting a forklift.  

3. What kind of power does your forklift need?

We have a full line of both gas- and electric-powered forklifts. By going over specifics regarding your business, we can recommend the best option. Electric forklifts are continuing to grow in popularity, for a good reason. They’re perfect for indoor use, don’t produce emissions and offer quieter operation. For heavy-duty applications, a gas-powered forklift might be the most effective choice.

4. What kind of attachments or accessories will you need?

Getting to know exactly how you plan to use the forklift will enable us to find the right equipment and that includes attachments. Today there are multiple accessories to meet precise requirements. AT G&W, we offer attachments and accessories for all of the forklift brands we carry. Your forklift can include everything you need to get your jobs done.

5. How will you be using the forklift?

We get into the details: what will you be lifting? How much weight are you lifting? How far do you need to go? The answers to these questions lets our sales team make the best recommendations. We sell forklifts from CAT, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, Piggy-Back, Kalmar and Landoll. Our extensive knowledge about each brand, and the variety of options for each, allows us to guide you to making a wise decision when buying a forklift.

6. What are your plans for automation?

When considering an automated worksite, there are many things to take into consideration. Which material handling tasks are high volume and repeatable? Which technology is the right one for you, what will it take to get your facility ready for automation? How will you be incorporating it into your other systems? Will they work together or separately? Will you have a point person, or a team, in charge of the automated process to ensure optimal schedules and power-usage parameters? G&W will help you learn more and understand automation and how it can benefit your site.

In the market for a new forklift?

Talk to the team at G&W. As a trusted forklift dealer, we’ve got the brands, the accessories and the right sales team to make you feel confident in your buying decision. If you’re in the market for new forklifts, contact us.