A Day with a G&W Mobile Forklift Service Technician

A Day with a G&W Mobile Forklift Service Technician

Having equipment that needs to be serviced can seriously impact productivity. G&W wants to help you avoid downtime with our preventative maintenance program. When you do need emergency forklift service – our mobile technicians come to the rescue, typically within two hours or less.

Great Service Comes to You

Forklift sales is just part of what we do at G&W. Forklift service and preventative maintenance are equally important. Our mobile forklift technicians perform all our preventative maintenance and service calls, covering all our sales territories in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

How do we do it? G&W has more than 160 mobile technicians, all trained to fix not only the forklift brands we sell, but nearly all brands on the market.

As a forklift dealer of CAT, Mitsubishi, Jungheinrich, Kalmar, Piggyback, Landoll and Big Joe lift trucks, we don’t think our customer relationship ends with a sale. We’re committed to keeping your forklift fleet running, so you can be optimally productive and successful.

A Day in the Life of a G&W Mobile Tech

“No two days are the same,” says Lead Technician Shane Gray. This doesn’t mean the forklift techs don’t have a plan.

Lead Technician Cody Bryant says a normal day actually begins the day before. That’s when he makes a schedule for meeting preventative maintenance (PM) customers. But if a call comes in for service, the forklift technicians and dispatchers work together quickly to ensure both PM and service customers’ needs are met.

Lead Technician Mark Paruscio says there is always someone near a customer. Rapid response to service calls is a hallmark of G&W mobile forklift technician service. With G&W, most service calls are answered within 30 minutes.

“We have ample coverage in all territories, so we can get help to a customer who needs it quickly,” he says. “If I can’t get to one of my preventative maintenance customers who has an emergency, I know I can find another trusted G&W technician to handle the job.”

Confidence is key, says Lead Technician Britt Gesling. “When you have people you can count on who will help ensure all customers get their forklifts fixed in a timely manner, it makes you feel confident taking calls.”

It Starts with Training

Part of the reason G&W can offer top-rate service is the quality of training provided to the technicians.

Mark explains: “We start with online training via a laptop, and then move to classroom training. This is followed by riding with a tech for a week, shadowing them as they do their job. The more experienced technicians we hire have a shorter training period, but we always see them in a controlled environment first to make sure they have the needed skills.”

Safety is an important factor, so all training ensures that the forklift service technicians understand how to do the job properly.

Be Proactive with Preventative Maintenance 

G&W’s preventative maintenance program helps customers stay running and avoid costly, unexpected downtime. For this service, the mobile forklift technicians visit your place of business on a regular basis to review all forklifts and regularly perform maintenance to keep them running. With an ongoing preventative maintenance program, the likelihood of breakdowns is decreased. 

Part of the preventative maintenance program is keeping track of maintenance schedules, so the techs can address when it’s more cost effective to replace equipment.

When visiting a PM customer, Shane says he calls ahead to confirm his arrival, meets with his contact and then goes over the equipment he plans to review. All techs can spot a major repair, and they know when it’s time to look for a replacement forklift.

“When that happens, I get together with our sales representative to start putting together ideas regarding replacement options,” says Shane. “It’s definitely a real team effort to ensure the customer has the right information regarding new equipment.”

Happier Employees; Great Forklift Techs

Holding on to the right people is another competitive edge for G&W.

The level of support G&W offers, from the other technicians to the management, training and assistance – you just don’t get that with other companies, says Britt. “This is a real family environment.”

Shane sums it up well. “G&W takes better care of their technicians, and happier employees just make better employees.”

Fast Forklift Service When You Need It

If you need forklift service, a G&W technician is just a call away.