You Know The Farm, We Know The Forklift

You Know The Farm, We Know The Forklift

Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, and it is one of the most important sources of livelihood for all of us. Forklifts can be powerful assets on your farm, processing center, market and in your warehouses and we understand how complicated, costly and time-consuming row crop season can be. Because of this, we work with our customers and take all of the proper STEPS to ensure the safest and most efficient products out there.

At G&W, we put our expertise to the challenge when offering you the best solutions for your farms and warehouses. Our industrial forklifts are designed for the environmental temperament and conditions of the Southeast. With capacities from 3,000 – 36,000 lbs., our trucks can handle your product from field all the way through to distribution.

• LP Gas, Electric & Diesel
• Pneumatic & Cushion Tires
• Carton & Bale Clamps Attachments
• 1,100 Rental Trucks
• 150 Mobile Service Techs
• Fleet Maintenance Options
• Low Monthly Lease Payments

Seasonal lease costs start at $368.

And remember, your equipment has been subjected to the elements all winter, don’t forget to run through our forklift maintenance checklist before the big season. Regular use of a forklift inspection checklist should be a part of your fleet maintenance process to ensure greater uptime. Check out the inspection checklist HERE.