Warehouse Racking Systems

Racking systems optimize your available worksite or warehouse space. At G&W, we approach warehouse racking system projects with the goal of finding the right pieces for your exact needs. Our expert reps learn about your space to provide your perfect solution.

Design Your Space

Outfitting your warehouse space with racking system brands such as Interlake Mecalux® and Speedrack Products Group, but we don’t recommend systems – we recommend solutions 

What does that mean? 

At G&W, we take a customized approach to your warehouse storage. what we design for you may draw from the variety of available product lines. we do whatever it takes to ensure a warehouse racking solution that achieves your goals and helps make you more productive.

Project evaluation

CAD drawings

Product selection

Budget development

Project Management

Selective Pallet Racking

Perhaps the most-used racking system in any warehouse, selective pallet racking is as versatile as they come. There are flexible and adjustable systems. They can be custom built to accommodate a wide variety of weights and dimensions, which can include racking for double-deep, very narrow aisles and conventional uses. 

For those with smaller budgets, selective pallet racking can create a high quality racking system at a low cost.

High-Density Storage Solutions

With a high-density storage solution, you can fully optimize warehouse space and height by reducing the truck’s work aisles. Very customizable, these high-density storage systems can be Drive-In or Drive-Through. 

  • Drive-In and Drive-Through Systems support a large amount of stock for relatively few product types. Drive-Through systems load on one side and unload on the other, which creates a First-In, First-Out (FIFI) system. Drive-In pallet racking systems focus on Last In, First Out (LIFO) and use a single input-output point per storage bay. 

  • Pallet Shuttle System is an automated, compact pallet storage system that uses an electric shuttle and automated handling systems to boost productivity and capacity in a warehouse.

Push Back Systems/Pallet Flow Systems

These storage system options are either Last in, First out (LIFO) or First In, First Out (FIFO). 

  • Push Back Systems use LIFO, allowing pallets to be stored 6–10 positions deep on either side of an aisle. This option gives higher storage density than other racking choices.  

  • Pallet Flow Systems use the FIFO method, so turning over inventory is optimized. Products stored first are the first to be retrieved.

Expert Assistance

If you need a racking system for your warehouse that will optimize your productivity, the team at G&W is ready to help. We have material handling experts that will help you choose the right products and work with you from start to finish.

We design your space and help fill in the racking system, belts, modulars and more.

Our approach to designing warehouse space includes: 

  • Project evaluation of your location 
  • CAD drawings that offer a customized floor plan for your warehouse space 
  • Budget development to ensure you stay cost-effective 
  • Project management throughout, where we use our materials management expertise and research

Need Warehouse Racking Systems?

Whether you are designing a new warehouse space or redesigning a current warehouse space,
G&W can help you find the right racking system.