Spring Forklift Maintenance Checklist

Spring Cleaning – Forklift Maintenance Checklist

Keeping your forklifts running through the warmer seasons is important to your business’ productivity and is a key way to reduce costs and preserve the life of your forklift fleet.

Use these 10 tips as a forklift maintenance checklist to help get your forklifts ready to work during the spring and summer months ahead.

1. Check your forklift’s stats, including your forklift’s service history, and inspect all sealed areas of the engine for oil links. Some environments may require more frequent service intervals.

2. Inspect the air intake system for proper sealing.

3. Look for wear and corrosion. Search the forklift’s battery, cables, electrical wires and spark plugs for signs of wear and tear.

4. Take a look at the cooling system. Check the radiator hoses clamps and cap.

5. Look at your forklift’s transmission fluid for the appropriate level, color and odor.

6. Examine the brakes. Test the brake pedal height and free play operation for proper adjustment.

7. Inspect for leaks. Check the pump, cylinders, hoses and valves for leaks, wear and/or proper settings.

8. Examine the forks for cracks, height and appropriate thickness.

9. Inspect the steering wheel. Test the condition of valves, rubber parts and hoses in the lift truck’s steering wheel.

10. Check the forklift’s front and rear tire pressure. Note any cuts, chunking or shredding.

Regular use of a forklift inspection checklist should be a part of your fleet maintenance process to ensure greater up-time.

For help evaluating the right inspection processes for your lift trucks, contact us today.