National Forklift Safety Day

National Forklift Safety Day

June 11, 2019 is the day we celebrate National Forklift Safety Day. The objective of this important day is to educate individuals on best practices for forklift safety. Promoting awareness throughout the year is the best way to prevent accidents and injuries.

Did you know that according to the National Safety Council, 70% of all industrial accidents are operator induced? OSHA encourages effective training to reduce accident rates by 25% to 30% and after training, OSHA found a 61% improvement in operator performance scores.

OSHA has required operator training in material handling since 1969, but even though this training is federally mandated, the responsibility of ensuring each employee is trained is that of the employer. What’s more is that emphasis should not only be placed on the safety of the forklift operator, but also the pedestrians to maintain a safe facility. Your employees are of utmost importance to you and your operation. G&W believes in providing the industries safest equipment and training resources to ensure that your crew returns home safe to their families. Curve control, seat belt interlock and max speed control are just a few standard specs on our trucks to keep your people as safe as possible.

  • Our forklift safety trainer can provide customized onsite operator lift safety training for your operators. By providing customized instruction to you and your employees, our training will help prevent accidents and costs associated with those accidents.
  • We also provide “Train the Trainer” programs, so your safety managers can learn how to properly and effectively train your lift operators. Our one-day program will give your trainer a better understanding of lift truck principles, OSHA compliancy, improved pedestrian awareness, training techniques and trainer responsibility. Our end goal is that we train you to make sure that your operators are safe and OSHA compliant.
  • Need a refresher? We can take care of that too! We can customize a plan for you that will include initial training and subsequent courses for those that could use a refresh in their safety training.

At G&W Equipment, safety is a priority every day. We do our best to keep you, your teams and your facilities running efficiently and safely.