How G&W Certifies Used Forklifts

How G&W Certifies Used Forklifts

If you’re in the market for a forklift, a used forklift could be the right fit. But can you buy used equipment with confidence? How can you be assured you’re getting a reliable used lift truck that won’t cause downtime or unnecessary hassles?

When buying a pre-owned forklift, you need to trust your dealer and know their process for certifying used equipment. Finding used forklifts for sale is relatively easy, but finding a dealer who knows how to certify used equipment is an important distinction to make.

At G&W, all our used equipment receives a thorough inspection. All of our pre-owned equipment comes with a carriage-to-counterweight warranty.

How does G&W certify used forklifts?

We have a process we follow to ensure every used forklift we sell will offer reliable performance and keep your business moving.

For every single piece of used equipment, we promise:

  • Full PM service and complete inspection
  • Electric lifts are all equalized and the industrial batteries are tested
  • All safety equipment is confirmed to be operating properly
  • We’ve performed any needed mechanical or operational repairs
  • The entire lift is steam cleaned, as well as the engine or battery compartment
  • All information and safety decals are in place and legible
  • Engine oil, oil filter and air filter are changed on internal combustion trucks

What type of used forklifts does G&W offer?

Used forklift dealers often lump all of their used equipment into one category. At G&W, we offer three options for buying pre-owned lift trucks, enabling you to find a dependable option at the right price point.

Here is a breakdown of how G&W forklifts are categorized.

Fully Reconditioned Forklifts

These forklifts run and look like new.

  • Body is filled (if necessary), sanded and professionally painted
  • New decals applied
  • Tires are 85% or better
  • New starter battery installed
  • New seat cushion installed
  • Chaffed hoses replaced
  • Certified industrial battery

With fully reconditioned forklifts, you get a 45-day full/6-month powertrain warranty.

Value Reconditioned

G&W’s value reconditioned forklifts offer great value.

  • Paint is touched up
  • Tires are 70% or better
  • New seat cushion installed

With value reconditioned forklifts, you get a 30-day full warranty.

Rent Ready

Our rent ready forklifts are budget friendly.

  • In-standard rental condition
  • Tires are 50% or better

With rent ready forklifts, you get a 30-day full warranty.

With any of our used equipment, you get the backing of our full service offering. We stand behind all the equipment we sell, including used. Our experienced mobile technicians can service your needs quickly.

Talk to G&W about your used forklift needs.

Buying pre-owned forklifts shouldn’t be a gamble. If you’re looking for certified used forklifts, and a used forklift dealer partner, talk to G&W. Our team of local representatives will assess your specific needs and match them precisely with reliable, durable equipment. Contact us today.