Tools to Reduce Starter Warranty Claims

Starter failure is often the first diagnosis of an engine cranking problem, which can lead to unnecessary starter replacement when something else is the root cause of the failure. Proper testing and finding the root cause will ensure that the correct parts are replaced the first time, resulting in satisfied customers, reduced warranties and fewer service trips.

Our technical analysts created a Cranking System Test Form to help your technicians properly diagnose cranking problems. By using this test form and the starter circuit tester and relay, G&W has processed less warranty claims and customer complaints related to starter failure. Bobby Siers, Warranty Analyst at G&W Equipment, is a proponent of these tools and has seen a significant reduction in starter warranty claims. According to Bobby, “Whenever we are faced with a service call to check out a starter that we have installed, we always fill out the Cranking System Test Form. It is a proven tool that helps to eliminate unnecessary starter replacements and downtime for our customers. It saves everyone time and money, from the end user to the manufacturer.”