See How G&W Can Help You Flip The Switch To Electric Lift

See How G&W Can Help You Flip The Switch To Electric Lift

We know that making the leap from gas to electric is a big one, and one that requires some significant research on ROI. While electrics may not be suitable for every application, an electric option can have many advantages.

It all comes down to total cost of ownership, right? On average, an electric forklift operates for 25% – 30% less per hour than a gas-powered truck. For example, the CAT EC25N optimizes your performance and efficiency by simply selecting one of the pre-set operating modes. This midsize electric cushion ensures that profits are maximized by utilizing the right balance between output and economy.

Or take the 2ET2500-2ET4000 three-wheel series for example. These incredibly energy-efficient electric machines combine the latest in operator ergonomics, advanced AC control systems and customized performance for optimized productivity.

Check out our list below of the many other reasons for how making the switch can help you:

  • There are no emissions from an electric truck. This helps you keep both your indoor and outdoor spaces safer. Improved air quality, less heat and less noise make for a more enjoyable work space.
  • A 5,000 lb forklift running 2,000 hours per consumes about $4,500 in lp gas annually. The equivalent electric consumes $700 of electricity annually. That’s an 85% Energy savings per truck!
  • Electric lift trucks have around 50% less parts than their gas powered equivalents. Less parts = less maintenance costs!
  • Electric powered forklifts can be much more compact than their gas- powered counterparts. This can help in tight spaces and narrow aisles and frees up precious facility space! What’s your cost per square foot?
  • Our industry leading electric lifts can operate up to and beyond 16 hours on a single shift. We have trucks running over 4,000 hours per year on just 1 battery. The need for extra batteries, storage and changing is a thing of the past.

Work longer without sacrificing performance and make the switch now. Talk to your local sales rep to see if an electric lift is the right move for you and your company.