Modular Construction

As your business grows and you need more office space, consider the benefits of modular construction.
Going modular maximizes your
warehouse workspace.

Modular Solutions for Office Space

Modular office space gives you climate-controlled space for employees to complete their daily tasks, right on the warehouse floor. When you think about your next construction or tenant improvement project, you probably think of traditional construction methods such as wood or steel stud framing and drywall. But modular construction is an alternative to traditional construction that has many benefits.

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Product selection

Budget development

Project Management

Why Go Modular?

Modular construction for office space maximizes the space you have by making use of underdeveloped work areas. Previously unusable warehouse space can become a climate-controlled working area, where employees can be productive and comfortable.  

Other benefits of modular construction vs. traditional construction for adding office space: 

  • Warehouses are often not temperature controlled, which makes them harsh working environments in winter and summer. With a modular-constructed office space, you get the perfect working conditions in a convenient area of your business.  
  • Because modular office systems are ready for assembly when they arrive, the construction process typically requires less labor and less downtime in your facility. This means fewer scheduling conflicts and a smoother installation.  
  • Unlike traditional construction, your modular office design can be moved as needed. Over 99% of modular building parts are reusable, so you can simply break down your structure and reinstall it.  
  • Modular offices are assembled in controlled environments, which means the majority of the build process is sheltered from the elements.

Let G&W Find the Right Modular Solution to Maximize Your Warehouse Space

G&W works closely with our pre-engineered wall system suppliers, manufacturers and vendors to guarantee we find the right modular construction solution for your work site. We have a wide range of options. Our team can help you make sure your modular workspace is comfortable, safe and efficient.