Jungheinrich Warehouse Solutions

Put Jungheinrich Warehouse Solutions to Work

Talk to G&W about warehouse product solutions for narrow spaces.

If your warehouse is out of space, or you’re looking to store more products without expanding your facility, then Jungheinrich’s warehouse solutions, offered by G&W, can help maximize your storage.  

G&W has a full line of Jungheinrich order pickers, reach trucks, side loaders and stand-up riders. These forklifts have attachments that give them the ability to expertly perform specific tasks, with efficiency and speed of operation.

Get ready to work smart and work safe

With G&W and Jungheinrich, you have access to warehouse solutions for issues such as smaller spaces and narrow aisles. We have a wide range of reach trucks, turret trucks and order pickers.

At G&W, it’s always about finding what works for your specific needs. We won’t try to sell you any forklift; we’ll talk to you about your unique requirements and find the right lift truck for the job.

Improve your productivity

Jungheinrich is known for providing superior run times and powerful performance. These lift trucks feature an efficient design, longer run times and regenerative braking.

With outstanding flexibility and maneuverability, forklifts from Jungheinrich give you the highest productivity on the ground and at high lift heights.

With the Jungheinrich “2 Shifts, 1 Charge Guarantee,” you’ll move more product, save valuable time and spend less on batteries and chargers for your fleet.

Get 16 hours on a single charge

Yes, you read that right! Jungheinrich electric-powered forklifts can run 16 hours on one charge – guaranteed. You’ll save time with no interim charging, no battery charging and no additional batteries needed.

Jungheinrich forklifts use energy management technology, which allows the forklifts to run for 16 hours for a period of five years. If your forklift does not meet this guarantee, they cover the cost of a new battery.

G&W is your Jungheinrich supplier

If you’re wondering why you should choose G&W as your Jungheinrich dealer, we can give you multiple reasons.

  • G&W has the best industry lead times – significantly shorter than our competitors. Currently, our lead time for forklifts are six months. Most of our competitors are currently promising delivery in 2023.
  • We have the inventory! G&W has both short- and long-term rentals available and ready to ship.
  • Looking for lithium battery power solutions? Ours are unmatched!

There’s never been a better time to take your productivity to the next level, and you have a partner in G&W. We’ve got local representatives and offer 160 locally-dispatched mobile technicians for when you need service.

We want to work with you to find the perfect solution for your warehouse needs. If you need a Jungheinrich forklift, you won’t find a better inventory, a more responsive sales staff and quicker lead times than at G&W.

Let’s get you moving forward with dependable, high-performing Jungheinrich products. Contact us today.