High Cost of Forklift Abuse

Causes Of Forklift Truck And Facility Damage 

1. Poor Floor Conditions:

    • Driving forklifts over debris such as wood, plastic wrap, twine and banding can cause radiator or axle damage.
    • If debris is blown into the engine compartment, it can also destroy the cooling system and cause engine failure.


2. Improper Operating Practices:

    • Congested work areas can cause impact damage to product, lift trucks or facilities.
    • Losing control of the forklift can cause product damage or personal injury.
    • Any impact to the forklift can damage tires, wheels, body panels, frame parts, forks, attachments and the load backrest.


3. Unsafe Lifting and Speed:

    • Serious damage or personal injury can occur when forklift trucks operate at high lift and travel speeds.
    • Tip overs can also result from raising a heavy load while traveling too fast.


4. Incorrect Equipment or Options:

    • Using the wrong equipment for the job can cause premature wear and failure to major components.
    • Proper equipment selection helps ensure efficient forklift truck operation and performance, and helps to lower overall maintenance costs.
    • Operating forklifts with worn or incorrect tires can be a major contributor to your maintenance expense.