Focus on Forklift Safety

Focus on Forklift Safety

June 8 Is National Forklift Safety Day


Forklift safety must be a daily focus. Continuous awareness, good practice and ongoing training prevent accidents and keep people safe.

June 8, 2021 is National Forklift Safety Day, and G&W Equipment joins many others in celebrating. As last year, National Forklift Safety Day sessions will be virtual. We hope everyone registers and attends online. The information gained can help maintain safe fleet operation and reduce the chance of accidents.

G&W is committed to yearlong awareness and providing good quality forklift training. We have a full-time forklift safety trainer and provide customized forklift training, available onsite at your facility or ours.

Here are some of our best safety tips and facts from the G&W safety and training staff:

  • OSHA requires certification for forklift operators. OSHA found a huge improvement in operator performance scores after training.
  • The cost of not being certified is steep – not just because you’re putting people at risk by not having the best training possible. OSHA can impose fines for not being certified that start at $13,000.
  • Tip overs are the number one cause of forklift accidents. Tip overs account for twenty-five percent of all forklift accidents and forty percent of all forklift fatalities. By ensuring ongoing training for forklift operators, you’re making important steps toward avoiding accidents and fines.
  • Maintain a positive safety culture. This means everyone supports the importance of safety training and participates regularly.
  • Maintain good housekeeping. What does good housekeeping mean and how does it apply to forklift safety? It means:
    • Keeping your warehouse clean, so forklifts have a clear path to operate
    • Making sure pallets and products are properly stored in racking systems so forklifts have more room to navigate narrow aisles
  • Make sure all employees know when they enter the warehouse to be observant and avoid the path of forklifts. Clearly identify pedestrian and forklift traffic lanes.  

If you need forklift training, G&W provides training for all aerial lifts and forklifts. We also provide “train the trainer” programs for safety managers. Learn more about G&W forklift safety training.

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