Farm, Store or Warehouse: We’ve Got You Covered

Farm, Store or Warehouse – We’ve Got You Covered

2020 was a tough year for many industries and the world of agriculture was spared no exception.  But because of the resilience of the farmers, the land, the machines and the technology, they were able to take the challenges of the first half of the year and funnel them into a successful back half. They proved that this trade could adapt to an ever-changing environment like no other.

And yet, if we learned anything from 2020, we learned that changes can come in an instant and we all need to be prepared to adapt quickly, safely and intelligently. says that, “A key learning that came out of the initial shock of COVID-19 is how quickly food chain disruptions can impact daily lives. While farmers, companies and distributors all quickly pivoted to address challenges, the pandemic shined a harsh light on opportunities for improvement that will continue to be addressed in 2021.” New developments in machinery, software and genetics will continually change the way farmers manage their operations.

That’s why our team will work with you to make sure you have the proper machines for the ultimate success. We understand that lifting and moving heavy loads like hay bales and seeds requires so much more than a simple plan. We work with you from start to finish to create the most efficient plan for your trucks. This includes everything from choosing the right truck for your needs to making sure you’re servicing and maintaining those trucks as needed. It’s our passion to deliver the best products to your farm, warehouse or store, so you can produce extraordinary results.

With capacities from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds, our trucks can handle your jobs all the way from field to distribution. These workhorses are designed for the temperament and conditions of the Southeast.

Take CAT’s GP25N for example – a heavy duty machine engineered for power and performance. This lift truck pushes through the hardest work days to help you move more – all day, every day.

The G25N offers:
Basic Capacity:  5,000 lbs.
Maximum Fork Height:  188″
Chassis Width:  45.3″
Chassis Height:  82.9″
Fuel Type:  LPG
Attachment:  Sideshift & 42″ Forks
Tires:  Solid Soft

You know your business better than anyone and we know the trucks that you trust to push your business forward better than anyone. Let’s work together to create extraordinary results.