What Can Automated Forklifts Do for Your Business?

What Can Automated Forklifts Do for Your Business?

The interest in workplace automation is rapidly increasing. Using technology for repeatable or predictable tasks can help worksites boost efficiency and production. Have you considered automation yet? If not, it’s time to look at the automated forklifts on the market.

Automated forklifts can streamline production.

What are automated forklifts? Automated forklifts, sometimes referred to as autonomous forklifts, robotic forklifts or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), use advanced computer technology and AI, allowing them to self-drive and lift and even sense human activity around them and move accordingly.

AGVs can be the basis for enhanced efficiency and optimized processes. With the help of automated forklifts, your business can reallocate employee workload and direct employee skills most effectively.

How do automated forklifts work?

Automated forklifts are driverless, but they are not working without input. Controlled by computer technology, they perform repeated tasks quickly and safely.

AGVs can:

  • Drive
  • Lift
  • Stack
  • Help save on labor or reallocate employee skills to your best advantage
  • Integrate into your current production environment
  • Work around the clock, increasing production

As your worksite changes, so can your automated guided forklift. You have the control, simply by updating the data input in the computer technology that controls their movements.

G&W can help with automation.

If you’d like to improve your efficiency and want to consider autonomous forklifts, G&W is the place to start. At G&W, we can introduce you to automated forklift options and bring you up to speed on the advantages of this technology. Our sales team is trained to find the right fit for your unique needs. We’ll get to know your business by asking you the right questions to guide the process.

We offer a wide selection of tuggers and stackers that are customized to fit and operate safely and quickly through your application.

Explore automated forklift options at G&W.

At G&W, we offer Rocla custom equipment, Jungheinrich automated guided vehicles, and many other options to help customize and automate your facility.

Our Rocla custom equipment, designed for high-lifting reach truck applications, is a perfect fit for distribution centers, warehouses, work-in-progress storages and replenishment of active picking locations.

Do you have narrow aisles where you need to do high lifting? This combination can be challenging, but with Rocla, this is no longer an issue.

Our Jungheinrich line of AGVs offers safe and efficient transport for loads weighing up to 2.5 tons. Thanks to laser navigation, which offers millimeter precision, you can trust Jungheinrich AGVs to transport materials safely and fully automatically.

We can work with you to custom tailor automated forklift options to fit your specific warehouse needs.

Questions to ask if you’re thinking about automation.

Are you considering adding automated forklifts to help improve your efficiency and allocation of employee resources? Here are six important questions to ask before buying an automated forklift:

1. What do you know and understand about automation? Before you buy automated forklifts, it’s important to understand their unique benefits and how to use them to your best advantage.

2. What material handling tasks are high volume and repeatable?

3. Are you open to change about how you currently perform a task?

4. What will it take to get your facility ready for automation?

5. Do you have a budget for automated forklift technology?

6. Do you have the staff to dedicate for implementation? Is there a point person, or a team, in charge of the automation process, so you can ensure optimal schedules and power-usage perimeters?

Talk to G&W

After considering these questions, talk to our knowledgeable sales team at G&W. By working with G&W to automate your work site, you’ll provide the foundation for enhanced efficiency and optimized processes.

We have specialists who have experience building AGVs and offer reliable support, one of the most comprehensive service networks in the industry and a rapid spare parts supply. You’ll get peace of mind throughout the entire service life of your system, from the planning phase to implementation and service.

Contact G&W to discuss automated forklifts