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2 Shifts, 1 Charge. Guaranteed.

Work Smart, Work Safe With Jungheinrich and G&W

Our trucks can be adapted to a wide range of warehouse
applications and spaces, including those with narrow aisles.
Take your order picking productivity to the next level.

Our Jungheinrich warehouse solutions include the powerful Li-Ion technology, which results in:

  • Significantly higher stamina in multi-shift operation

  • Three times longer service life and up to 20% lower energy consumption than with lead-acid batteries

  • 50% charged in just 30 minutes, fully charged in 60 minutes

Jungheinrich forklifts use effective energy management technology, eliminating the need for battery charging between the first and second shift. Your lift truck is guaranteed to run for 16 hours – for five years. If it doesn’t perform to this standard, we’ll cover the cost of a new battery to ensure it does. It’s as simple as that.


ETR Series
Electric Reach Trucks
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EKS Series
Electric Order Picker
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ETG Series
Electric Stand-Up
Counterbalanced Lift Trucks
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EKX Series
Electric Turret Trucks
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Jungheinrich’s Innovative Warehouse Product Line Will Help Take Your Worksite From Ordinary To Extraordinary And Keep Your Business Moving Forward.