We Are G&W Equipment
October 1, 2018
You Know The Farm, We Know The Forklift
March 1, 2019

At G&W, we prioritize our customers’ needs and processes. We understand the importance of delivering a quality end product in an efficient and effective way. Because of this, we take all of the right STEPS to ensure our customers are able to manage their work flow in the most rewarding way possible.

We start with SAFETY. Your employees are of utmost importance to you and your operation.  G&W believes in providing the industries safest equipment to ensure all of your crew returns home safe to their families.  Curve control, seat belt interlock and max speed control are just a few standard specs to keep your people as safe as possible.

We understand that you are tasked to reduce cost daily.  G&W knows that your TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP is so much more than one quote. We work with you to create an overall package that drives down your material handling costs. We customize our lifts, rental, parts and technician solutions to create the best plan of action for you. What’s more, our Fleet Track web-based fleet management tool allows you to monitor costs and effectively determine the right time to replace or repair.

G&W cares about the ENVIRONMENT. We strive to be stewards of this great planet by using conservation and sustainable practices. We aid in converting almost any gas-powered lift to electric, which greatly reduces emissions and dramatically drives down your cost per hour.  Our solar panel projects have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and reduced our dependence on the electrical grid.

PRODUCTIVITY is important to you, and it’s important to us. We know that you need equipment that can run all day to keep your operation at maximum efficiency. With electric lifts than can run for two shifts and longer on a single charge, G&W has the most productive trucks on market. Guaranteed! Additionally, with well over 1,000 trucks in our rental fleet, we’ve got you covered for those times when your work load spikes, making certain no load gets left behind.

We keep your operation in top running performance with our SUSTAINABLE SERVICE. We strive to be proactive and anticipate problems before they happen with our planned maintenance programs. Our loyal, honest and expert technicians are stocked with the right parts at the right price to reduce any chance of your material flow slowing down. Combined, all of this ensures you extend the economic life of your trucks.

Whether it’s sales, service, rental or parts, G&W takes pride in everything we do and will be with you through every step of the process. We work with you to ensure a safe, cost effective, productive and sustainable way of doing business. We do our part, so you can do yours. Contact us today to learn about your next STEPS.