The FD70N1 diesel forklift model is a heavy-duty class V forklift built to handle heavy loads and deliver the power and performance that tough applications demand.


Perkins® 854F Diesel Engine

This series is equipped with a Tier 4 Final, 3.4L in-line four-cylinder turbo diesel engine that is built to perform. The diesel engine offers 23% more fuel efficiency than the previous generation for greater cost savings.

Maintenance-Free Emissions System

Meets stringent EPA Tier 4 Final emissions regulations through the use of the forklift truck’s maintenance-free emissions system. Lees maintenance means greater uptime over the long run.

Greater Torque

The transmission’s torque converter is precisely matched to the internal combustion engine to provide high levels of torque and a smooth ride.

Enhanced LCD/LED Display

The forklift operator can monitor all critical systems via the LCD/LED display during operation to help reduce costs and the risk of excessive downtime.


Engine Protection System

Your forklift truck will monitor engine oil pressure, transmission fluid and coolant temperatures and alert your operators when hazardous levels are reached. If the lift truck continues to operate at these low levels, the system will automatically limit certain areas of performance for added protection against unnecessary wear or damage.

100% Steel Frame

Steel frame construction provides durability when working in heavy applications.


Easy To Service

Mitsubishi makes it easy for forklift maintenance technicians to access major components for service or routine maintenance. No tools are needed to access the engine, helping speed-up maintenance repairs.

500-Hour Service Intervals

With Mitsubishi’s extended 500-hour service intervals, your forklift can run longer between planned maintenance intervals, saving you time and money.


The Integrated Presence System

This system locks out powered hydraulic functions and  travel unless the operator is properly seated in the forklift with their seatbelt fastened. This standard feature helps protect both your operator and your load.

Orange Seat Belts

Clearly see if your operators are properly wearing their seat belts with the bright orange anti-cinch seat belt.

LED Lights

Free up time and keep your operators moving with Mitsubishi’s forward LED work lights. You’ll see significant maintenance savings over traditional halogen or incandescent lights, and these LED lights are covered under your standard warranty.

Operator Comfort

Easy Three-Point Entry

The elongated grab bar, low anti-slip entry step and steel hip restraint provide three stable points for your operator to make contact when entering and exiting the forklift. 

Reduced Shock And Vibration

A fully-insulated engine hood and rubber mounted components help absorb shock and vibration that would otherwise reach your lift truck operator. Fully-enclosed wheel wells and helical transmission gears also reduce drivetrain noise that could lead to operator fatigue.

Hydrostatic Steering

This system is designed to minimize steering effort, providing greater operator comfort and reduced fatigue. When the forklift’s steering wheel is turned, hydraulic oils flow into a small pump inside the steering valve. At the center of the pump is a pump rotor. When the steering wheel turns the pump rotor also turns. This standard feature means steering requires minimal effort.

Fingertip Controls In An Easy-To-Operate Adjustable Armrest (Optional)

Low-effort levers, precise operation and an infinitely adjustable armrest provide comfortable support with ease of use for operators throughout the workday.

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height2 Length to Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in)1 Gross Weight (lbs)1

¹ Where applicable, does not reflect optional mast collapsed height or additional weight. 
² Various lift heights available to match your exact needs. Where applicable, value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast.

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