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Optimize Your Fleet: One Simplified Solution
Fleet Track®

LTS Lift Truck Solutions® features an innovative suite of online fleet management tools.
G&W recommends Fleet Track®, the LTS-powered tool that provides you with a comprehensive
view of your forklift fleet, all in one practical and efficient application.

Optimize Your Fleet

Fleet Track offers single solution online platform that keeps your employees connected with your fleet, seamlessly communicating from the factory….to us…to your forklift.

This digital fleet-management tool provides you with real-time, actionable data so you can streamline your operations. Fleet Track allows you to access your equipment, understand your forklifts’ annual usage and track your overall fleet utilization to more effectively run your business. You can also consolidate invoices from multiple locations, request service, repairs or parts and set up monitoring alerts. 

See all the ways our solution can help you control costs, maximize productivity and effectively manage your entire fleet.

  • One Centralized Bill
  • One Service System
  • One Repair Service
  • One Parts Store
  • One Monitoring System
  • One Comprehensive Report