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Increasing fuel costs and tougher emissions standards means you need a solution that is lean and green, while still maintaining the highest levels of operational productivity.

Reduce fuel costs, lower emissions.

  • Up to a 40% reduction in fuel costs and consumption.
  • Up to a 40% reduction in CO2, NOX, SOX and particulate emissions.
  • A significant reduction in operating noise for your operators and others nearby.
  • An ergonomically designed cabin for operational ease.
  • A much smoother drive, which will reduce stress and pressure on your driver’s body.

Easier to operate.

Kalmar Eco Reachstackers are much easier to drive than other machines, as their smart programming does a lot of the work for you. Your drivers will no longer need to rev their engines to get the lifting and handling speeds they want, nor will they need to hold the brake pedal continually while lifting and lowering while stationary. This will dramatically reduce the strain and stress on their bodies.

Increased comfort.

Kalmar Eco Reachstackers come fitted with our ergonomically designed EGO cabin. With slim line b-pillars, adjustable seating, steering wheel and control panel, your drivers will benefit from a superior operating environment and visibility. The Kalmar Eco Reachstacker, with its unique driveline, is quieter inside and outside the cabin, and vibrates less than traditional reachstackers, further enhancing driver comfort.

Kalmar safety options.

Reverse Warning System (RWS).

Knowing what’s going on behind you is critical when other personnel are present. Four rear sensors and a reversing camera relay real-time information to an in-cabin display, alerting the driver to any dangers, increasing personnel and driver safety. You can also add additional cameras on the spreaders or on the front of the machine.

Fire Suppression System (FSS).

To protect your operator and machine from fire you can fit a FSS to your machine. The system utilizes multiple spray nozzles that release a high pressure water mist where the fire has been detected from a re-chargeable water tank. This can be activated manually or automatically through an in-cabin temperature sensor.


To ensure that your driver is at their best when operating your equipment, you can install an Alcolock system. This system makes sure that the driver meets alcohol blood level standards before being able to start the machine, much like a breathalyzer.

Additional lighting.

Extra lighting, particularly if you operate your machine at night, can bring greater operational visibility and safety for personnel working on the site. You can choose additional LED working lamps in specific positions:

  • 2 or 4 on the front mudguards
  • 2, 4, or 6 on the lift boom
  • 2 or 4 on the spreader
  • 2 more on rear counter weight
DRG450-60S5XE DRG450-65S5E DRG450-65S5XE
Type of handling
Container handling
Container handling
Container handling
Lift capacity, row 1-2-3-4 (tons)
45 - 35 - 18
45 - 32 - 16
45 - 38 - 21
Lift capacity, row 1-2-3-4 (including jacks) (tons)
Stacking capacity, in container row 1-2-3-4 of 8’6” / 9’6”
5/5 - 5/4 - 4/3
5/5 - 5/4 - 4/3
5/5 - 5/4 - 4/3
Load center, from front face of tires, row 1-2-3-4 (mm)
1865 - 3815 - 6315
1965 - 3815 - 6315
1865 - 3815 - 6315
Lost load center, to front face of tires (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)

1. 4 + 2 pneumatic / diagonal tyres
2. Depending on ECO Drive Mode setting

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DRG450-65S5 – Kalmar Eco Reachstacker

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