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Forklift Safety Is Our #1 Priority

It’s up to all of us to put forklift safety at the top of our list! G&W is fully committed to promoting workplace and forklift safety by not only offering forklifts specifically designed for safety but also through our Operator Training and Train The Trainer programs.

We work in sync with OSHA’s high standards and fail-proof safety measures to ensure that forklift operators are in compliance and as safe as possible. We make sure that our customer’s avoid the OSHA fines for not being compliant. Some common mistakes made that make a company subject to the fines include:

~ Not completing the Pre-Shift checklist

~ Incorrect data plates (attachments)

~No utilization of seat belts on sit-down lifts

In addition to our training programs, we also offer many products and supports
to establish a safe and productive work area for you and your team.