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Trucks Overheating?

Schedule Your Coolant Service With Us Today!

Have you noticed your truck engine overheating? Lower truck performance lately? As part of your regular forklift maintenance, be sure to have the coolant checked to maximize forklift efficiency. Routine maintenance on your forklift eliminates downtime and helps keep your operation running at full capacity.

  1. Heavy loads, rising temperatures and lack of service check-ups can all lead to premature wear and component failure.
  2. Coolant system flush should be done every 2,000 hours or every 2 years.
  3. We’ll check your radiator and hoses for leaks and make sure all of the components in your coolant system are in good working order.
  4. If needed, we can flush your coolant to make sure your forklift engine is running at its peak performance.
  5. Prices starting at $295.

Maximize Forklift Efficiency

Keeping your forklifts running efficiently during the warmer months is pivotal in reducing costs, keeping your productivity up and preserving the life of your forklift.