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Blaxtair Origin®

The Most Advanced Pedestrian Detection Solution

AI Camera

The only industrial-grade AI camera able to detect and localize pedestrians in real time.

Alerts the driver to the danger and helps to prevent serious accidents on industrial sites.

No pedestrian tags needed.

Able to detect
any postures (i.e standing, crouching, or in partial view) to prevent collisions with forklifts, whether driving forward or in reverse. Set up a proper danger zone distance for your fleet.

Blaxtair Origin continuously looks after obstructed areas around the machine, especially in the vehicle’s blind spots.

Thanks to its ultra-powerful AI algorithms, powered by a unique and extensive learning database, Blaxtair Origin has the most efficient on-board Artificial Intelligence to detect a pedestrian in danger.

Depending on the imminent risk, the Blaxtair Origin issues a visual and audible alarm to alert the driver. A control screen in the cabin allows the driver to judge the critical nature of the situation.

Blaxtair Origin Prevents Pedestrian / Vehicle Collisions and Saves Lives

Blaxtair Origin can be adapted to all brands and types of industrial and construction machinery: from forklifts to telescopic handlers, excavators and loaders. The detection zone can be adjusted in length and width depending on the type of machine and use.
The driver is alerted only if a pedestrian is detected.

Integrated Cloud-Based Solution ‘Blaxtair Connect®’

The connected solution Blaxtair Connect revolutionizes the safety of people around industrial machines to achieve the zero-accident goal sought by companies. The Blaxtair Connect dashboard provides access to relevant metrics and hot-spot mapping to enable occupational health and safety managers to take proactive action every day to drastically reduce the risk of machine/pedestrian collisions.

Monitors & reduces risk of accidents.

Highlights the most dangerous machines and
determines the time and place where the risk
of accident is highest.

Measures the effectiveness
of the preventive actions implemented to prevent accidents between vehicles & pedestrians.

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